Randy Orton Starring in New WWE Studio’s Film, HOF’er Talks About Altercation with JBL

randy orton 3

- WWE announced that Randy Orton will star in the new film from WWE Studios and 20th Century called 12 Rounds: Reloaded. John Cena starred in the original 12 Rounds back in 2009.

- Tully Blanchard recently spoke with Wrestling 101, here are some highlights.

Recent Altercation with JBL: “… JBL on Monday night in St. Louis went on a tantrum and talked to me about things that I didn’t remember, he had told me I was rude to him and mistreated him. I told him, ‘it could have been possible I mistreated you, and I ask you to forgive me,’ he didn’t respond one way or the other after that.”

The Various Four Horseman Incarnations: “The greatest form of flattery is imitation, but saying that the Four Horsemen dominated for two decades is not a true statement, we dominated for four years and then everything else was trying to resurrect it and they didn’t have the same chemistry as Arn, Ole, Ric and myself.”

More WWE Stars in New 12 Rounds Movie with Randy Orton….

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