List of Several DVD Titles WWE Recently Polled Fans On – Divas, Foley and More

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- We noted before that WWE recently sent out a survey to poll fans on their interest in possible future DVD and Blu-ray releases. Thanks to Reggie for the following names that were mentioned in the survey:

- Best of WCW Great American Bash
- Best of WCW Nitro Volume 2
- Best of WCW War Games
- Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set
- ECW Unreleased Volume 2
- Money in the Bank Anthology
- Mick Foley Biography
- History of the WWE Documentary
- Triple H Biography
- Best Matches of World Class Championship Wrestling
- Best of WWE In Your House
- Goldberg Match Compilation
- Bret Hart Unreleased Matches
- Top 25 Rivalries in History
- Top 20 Divas in History
- Best of the Giants

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