Jericho Talks About TNA Stars He’d Like to Wrestle, Chinese WWE Star, Smackdown Tour Ends

chris jericho 3

- Reuters is featuring an article about WWE’s live event Saturday night in Shanghai, China. The article states that WWE Senior Vice President for International Operations would like to have a Chinese star, although they still probably wouldn’t be as popular as John Cena.

“We’d love to have a Chinese star and we’re certainly open to working with Chinese talent. John Cena, one of our top superstars, may be more popular than the local talent anywhere he goes.”

- The SmackDown crew completed their final show of their overseas tour of Asia in Taipei, Taiwan. The crew is headed back home and are scheduled to be at Raw tomorrow night.

- Chris Jericho was asked on his Twitter about which TNA wrestlers he would like to work with. Jericho replied, “Roode, Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ”

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