Cole Says GM’s Should Take Action for Announcer Attacks, Henry at WWE Tryouts, More


- WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering turns 59 years old today while Booker T’s brother and former tag team partner Stevie Ray turns 54.

- Mark Henry and William Regal are two of the talents working with Jim Ross, Gerald Brisco and others to look at prospects at the WWE tryouts in Los Angeles this week.

- Several of the WWE Superstars and Divas have commented on CM Punk assaulting Jerry Lawler via Twitter and most of them side with Lawler.

Michael Cole says the General Managers need to take action for announcers being assaulted lately. Cole tweeted:

“I don’t agree with what @jerrylawler says most of the time, but @cmpunk kicking him in the head because he offered an “opinion” was wrong! The gms must take action! Superstars assaulting us for doing our job is a bad precedent. @wwejoshmathews and @jerrylawler need to complain!”

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