Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan & Eric Bishoff

Bret Hart Rips Hulk Hogan & Eric Bishoff

Bret Hart expressed his thoughts on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and what they are doing in TNA during an interview with Wrestle Talk TV Extra.

“I’ve got no faith in either one of them. If anything, they’re [TNA] going to lose a lot of ground. They’re spending a fortune on a guy who’s worthless. And Bischoff’s as worthless as Hogan, the two of them have zero to offer the business.

The only thing Hulk Hogan ever knew was how to make Hulk Hogan. He couldn’t tell you how to make AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. What’s Hulk Hogan going to tell Samoa Joe? He doesn’t know anything to even tell him, he’s got zero to offer.”

Bret then went on to take a shot at Vince Russo, calling him a “magazine writer” whose departure from the company was “a modest improvement,” and noted that TNA is full of WWE “rejects.”

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