• http://aol Mary Barnes

    I just want to say that Seth rollins is a punk chicken who talks a good talk but he can’t walk the walk. He runs when anyone gets into it with him and he is a disgrace to the wrestling world. Stephanie M and Triple H are ruining the sport also. They are so self loving and think they are better than anyone and Stephanie is so rude to some of the wrestlers and rude to others. Triple H is probably with her only to be CEO but they are both trash and who gives a fu-k if they are the most known couple and that she is principle owner of WWE. She is still a HO and makes people sick.

  • http://Gmail chrissie

    Seth is nothing but a asshole I don’t like him anyway ashole

  • mary

    seth rollins is a big fool and is NOTHING but an ass an a homo but then again triple h is a brown nose cuz he always barks when steph TELLS HIM TO

  • mary

    nicki bella THINKS shes hot but hot she aint