• Chіcago pіzzа is uѕually mеaty (some vaгiants come ѕtuffed with cheesеs аnd meat layers) and it is eaten with a
    knife and fork. Yоu can also draw designs on the bugѕ’ backs with ketchup or mustard. It should be spread onto the pizza stone or pan in a layer less than an inch thick, and then the squash crust will need to be baked for at least 20 minutes before putting toppings on it and baking again.

    • John

      If it’s not vegan, it’s not ethical.

      • Kevin

        If it isn’t eaten, John, it doesn’t matter.

  • Mike

    three words: human, growth, hormone.

  • G

    Dianabol the breakfast of champions

    • OU linebacker

      Dianabol is one awesome drug.
      Loved it when I used in back in the 1980’s. Made me huge and stronger than anybody I knew.

  • meh

    that’s how buff I want to be! i’m hitting the bench right now!

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