WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 20 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 20 2017

Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Announcements abound today as WWE revealed Diamond Dallas Page as the latest inductee in the 2017 Hall of Fame, as well as The New Day as hosts of WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Kudos to Page on his worthy induction, we’ll post the Hall of Fame video for Page later when it airs.

So is The New Day not competing at WrestleMania? That seems very likely and understandable given their lack of feud since losing the Tag Team Title’s to Sheamus and Cesaro. It’s quite incredible how far the trio have fallen in the past few months and them hosting WrestleMania is indicative of WWE having no plan for them. Honestly, having the trio split at WrestleMania, be it amicably or otherwise, is probably the best option as of now.


Anyways, tonight’s Raw should be an interesting one, primarily because we should get an explanation from Kevin Owens as to why he attacked Jericho last week. Surely it had something to do with what Triple H said to Owens, which in turn could have ramifications on his match with Goldberg at Fastlane. It’s unclear if Jericho will be on the show tonight; he may be kept off of TV to sell the injury, only to return at Fastlane and cost Owens the title. The only negative about that is that most fans want Owens to retain, so that he and Jericho can feud over it rather than Goldberg and Lesnar, so I can’t see Jericho being cheered for costing Owens the title.

Braun Strowman is set to face-off against The Big Show on tonight’s show. Last week Strowman rather quickly dispatched Mark Henry, and tonight could feature another similar giant slaying. However, The Big Show has a match with Shaq coming-up at WrestleMania, so it’s unlikely WWE will want to have him cleanly lost so close to the big show. Not that anyone really thinks Shaq could stand a chance against Show…or wants to see them square-off. Which is all to say, Roman Reigns is likely to run-in and cost Braun the match, therefore stirring the pot that bit further.

Elsewhere on tonight’s Raw, Enzo and Big Cass will face Sheamus and Cesaro to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Titles at Fastlane. Rumour has all three teams facing each other for the belts, so perhaps a screwy finish is at hand. Charlotte is demanding Bayley return the title that rightfully belongs to her – because Sasha interfered. That means we could be in for a rematch on tonight’s show but it’s more likely we get a tag team match with Dana Brooke siding with Charlotte. And then there’s Samoa Joe, who has unfortunately fell to the mid-card already due to Seth’s injury. That’s not a knock to Sami Zayn, whom I’m a big fan of, but the simple fact that Joe debuted as a main-eventer and is now facing Zayn in the middle of the card.

So that’s our preview of tonight’s Raw. Are you excited for the show? Ready for Owens to explain his horrid actions? Let us know in the comments, download the Ringside News app, follow me on Twitter, and enjoy the show!