WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 6 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 6 2017

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On tonight’s show, Goldberg returns to answer the challenge set forth by Brock Lesnar for a WrestleMania showdown. Surely Goldberg will also note that he failed to win the Royal Rumble and thus lost his chance at winning the WWE Championship. Of course, Kevin Owens doesn’t have an opponent for Fastlane later in the month, so will Goldberg get another chance at winning the gold, then face Brock as Champion? We should know by the end of tonight.

The other major piece of news for tonight is that of Seth Rollins’ injury. The end of Raw last week saw Triple H finally come to the ring and call out Seth, only to have Samoa Joe blindside The Architect. Joe pummelled Rollins around ringside before choking him out in the centre of the ring. Since then it has been revealed that Rollins suffered a knee injury in the final quarter…


Word is that the injury is for real and not a way to get Joe over. That was my assumption anyway because Joe made no attack on Rollins knee. We will find out tonight the severity of Seth’s injury and whether or not he will be able to compete at WrestleMania. Bear in mind this is the same knee that Seth injured last year. What this means for WrestleMania plans is anyone’s guess; what happens with Triple H? What happens with Samoa Joe? It’s unfortunate for WWE and really unfortunate for Seth that this would happen again. With any luck the injury won’t be severe and he’ll be back soon.

Elsewhere on the show tonight, Sami Zayn is starting to chase the US Championship on the shoulder of Chris Jericho. It remains to be seen if Sami will challenge for the title at Fastlane or WrestleMania but it’s certain that the Underdog From the Underground is overdue a high profile feud for some gold. Braun Strowman might be out for revenge against Roman Reigns, considering Roman cost him the Universal Championship last week. These two are on a collision course for Fastlane and the presence of The Undertaker looms over both men. And finally, Nia Jax has destroyed Sasha Banks twice in a row, leading to Bayley making the save and potentially setting-up a tag team match at Fastlane.

Announced today is that the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are undeniably one of the greatest tag teams of all-time and more than due their spot in the Hall of Fame. That’s all for out preview of tonight’s show. Raw begins, as usual, at 8 PM E.T. Be sure to download the app, follow me on Twitter, get talking in the comments, and enjoy the show!