Kenny Omega Reacts to His Announcement of His Future

As previously reported, Kenny Omega revealed that he’s not headed to WWE to appear at Sunday’s Royal Rumble event and he will be sticking with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Kenny Omega posted a new video reacting to the news of his announcement and also had a message for The Young Bucks:

“I won’t be going anywhere but New Japan,” Omega said. “I’m going to stay with the company that was good to me. I’m going to stay with The Elite, more importantly. 2016 was a big year, we can make 2017 bigger and better. We can only do it together. So us splitting apart, I don’t see it in the cards, not this year.

“You’re going to be seeing more of the Elite as a trio tandem on TV, on the Internet, live in-person more and more and more than you could have ever imagined in 2017. Stay tuned.”