TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – February 23rd, 2017

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – February 23rd, 2017

Here are the spoilers for the February 16th edition of Impact Wrestling. The spoilers are courtesy of Jacob Cohen:

– Open Fight Night, DCC out with a yellow briefcase, they turn it in to challenge Decay to a falls count anywhere match. DCC defeat Decay when Bram piledrivers Crazzy Steve through a table to the floor.

– Lashley out, says he is a 4 time champion and the baddest man on the planet, he says he’s too good for the entire Impact roster. Lashley says nobody in wrestling or MMA can beat him so out comes Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett challenges Lashley for a World Title Match, Lashley says in MMA there are rules, in Lashley’s world there are none. Lashley accepts Josh Barnett’s challenge for a World Title match.

– Drew Galloway is award the first round against Moose. Moose is awarded the second round and ties it up. Your winner by Split decision and NEW Impact Grand Champion, Moose.

– Eddie Edwards says he is out to beat Davey Richards’ ass. Davey doesn’t come out, Angelina does, she says it doesn’t work that way, he gets Davey when Angelina says he gets Davey. Eddie wasn’t there when Davey was hurt, he was too busy chasing titles. Angelina just introduced “The American Wolf” Davey Richards. Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards have a heated brawl that has to be separated by security. Eddie says he will face Davey in an anything goes street fight tonight.

– Josh Barnett defeats Bad Bones after a Northern Light Suplex float over into a Kimura.

– Rosemary defeats Jade in a Last Knockout Standing match to retain the Knockouts title.

– James Storm defeats Jessie Godderz with a lot of help from Kingston & Bram.

– Eddie out for the street fight, Angelina comes out to introduce Davey, who in turn runs in from the crowd and blindsides Eddie. Davey & Angelina get very violent with Eddie, Alexxis, and even Earl Hebner, Angelina counts a 3 count for Davey…

– Josh Barnett has “beaten” Bobby Lashley but the match was restarted. Lashley defeats Josh Barnett to retain the TNA World Title.

– The wedding of Braxton and Laurel ends with Braxton saying no. Braxton says he always has been in love with Allie. He was forbid from dating Allie by Maria, otherwise she would have fired her. Maria fires Allie, Allie says she can’t fire her because she quit.