TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – February 16th, 2017

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – February 16th, 2017

Here are the spoilers for the February 16th episode of Impact Wrestling, courtesy of Jacob Cohen:

– Jessie Godderz defeats Kingston. Lights went out, DCC was in the ring but Jessie is one step ahead of them and is up on the ramp taunting them.

– The final battle is up next, Lashley vs Eddie Edwards for the title in Eddie’s last shot. Lashley was going to use the belt but Davey grabbed it and took it away, Alexxis Neveah is in the front row as well. Davey just pulled the ref out of the ring when Eddie had the match won. Angelina was sitting next to Alexxis Neveah and attacked her, in all the commotion Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards. Davey & Angelina beating down Eddie and Alexxis post match.

– The Hardys will be teleporting all over the world and defeat team after team for title after title no matter the company. The Hardys just said they may use it to go to the Honorable Ring to face the Bucks of Youth or The Meekmahan show. The Hardys have touched Vanguard-1 and the lights went off, the lights came back on and The Hardys & Vanguard-1 have teleported. JB has confirmed Broken Matt has texted him that they are in Tijuana, Mexico, any big shows happening there any time soon?

– Mahabali Shera has been granted the first round in his match with Drew Galloway. Drew Galloway defeats Mahabali Shera by second round pinfall to retain the Impact Grand Championship.

– Tyrus hosting Fact of Life, calls out Eli Drake who has his arm in a sling. Tyrus is leading the Impact Zone in an “Eli has a mangina” chant. Tyrus says nobody owns him and he will see Eli Drake in the ring next week.

– Trevor Lee defeats DJZ with a handful of tights to retain the X Division title, Everett saves DJZ post match.

– Cody & Brandi Rhodes are out, Cody says he has been everywhere but now he is back at Impact Wrestling. Cody asked about the owl in the logo, said we have to name the owl. Cody said the crowd is just too sweet. Cody wants to personally thank Moose for helping Brandi with Decay, so he asks Moose to come out. Cody says Moose is family to them and is a Rhodes, Moose says he will always have both of their backs. Cody is mad that Brandi has Moose’s number, asks them if they are going to sleep together. Cody says Moose isn’t a friend, Moose is a slut. Brandi asks Cody if he’s joking, Cody says he’s joking, perhaps it was in bad taste, but then kicks Moose in the balls. Cody beats down Moose, then makes a Bullet Club hand gesture to Moose while he’s on the ground before grabbing Brandi and leaving.

– Jessie Godderz defeats Bram. Jessie Godderz clears the ring of Bram and Kingston on his own, he clearly has DCC’s number.

– Jade called out Rosemary, Rosemary says Decay is finished with her, Jade says it doesn’t matter, she’s not done with them. Jade challenges Rosemary to a Last Knockout Standing match, Rosemary accepts.

– Tyrus beats Eli Drake by DQ when Drake attacks the ref to not have to wrestle Tyrus, very loud “Mangina” chants for Eli Drake. Eli Drake offers Tyrus a raise to not beat him up post match, Tyrus says he will not shake his hand… but will give him a hug.

– Allie has been instructed by Maria to come out and invite everyone to the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness tomorrow.

– Moose doesn’t care what club Cody is in, who he is the grandson of, or who he left in the dust. It won’t matter because Cody will regret the day he messed with Moose. Wrestlers out to spectate the brawling now, Moose did a dive to the outside that took out security guards, Brandi visibly upset.

– Trevor Lee defeats Andrew Everett to retain the X Division title.