Teddy Hart Arrested for DUI

Teddy Hart Arrested for DUI

Teddy Hart was arrested back on January 1st in Arlington, TX. Hart is facing charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and driving while intoxicated.

Hart was officially booked into jail at 4:49 am, according to the police report and he is still in custody. As a result, he has been pulled from the Canadian Wrestling Elite shows in Calgary and Thunder Bay.

The promotion made the following announcement regarding his situation:

Teddy Hart NO LONGER Appearing On CWE’s New Heights Tour.

It is with great disappointment we have learned today that due to legal circumstances in Texas beyond our control Teddy Hart will be UNABLE to appear as scheduled in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Thunder Bay.

Although we anticipate this situation will reveal itself in the public eye soon enough it isn’t our place to discuss Mr. Hart’s legal situation right now and the consequences of it. However it is our place to be honest with our fans who are very loyal and supportive of the brand.

Upon the announcement of Teddy Hart on the tour there was some hesitation and doubt from our loyal fans based on his track record. That track record was the very same reason CWE hadn’t attempted to do business in almost six years and the first and only time he was advertised for CWE and didn’t make the event.

However, those close to Teddy and affiliated with CWE had reached out on multiple occasions stating he has made many positive changes in his life and simply wanted an opportunity to prove that as he had hoped to be a brand ambassador for Canadian wrestling and hopefully tour regularly with the company.

With him proving to be focused and reliable as of late with huge main event performances in Mexico and California and even his recent appearance on Talk is Jericho where he very sincerely said he was looking to make changes and for opportunity it was thought the stars had aligned for Teddy Hart to be an impact player for the organization.

We sincerely wish Teddy Hart the best of luck in his current situation and hope he finds the help he needs to truly get his life on track and be the success story we all know he is capable of being.