WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 2 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 2 2017

Last Man Standing Match

Sami Zayn Vs. Braun Strowman

The bell rings and Sami skips across the ring and jabs Braun, who doesn’t really react. Braun chases Sami out of the ring, only to be whacked with a Kendo stick by Zayn.

Braun is beaten into the ring, then a few more times before he catches the stick, breaks it over his knee and then tosses Sami across the ring. Sami rolls from the ring and gets another Kendo stick, he beats on Strowman again. Once again Braun catches the stick and breaks it.

Zayn runs, jumps onto the barricade and hits a moonsault on Braun…who catches him in mid-air and drops him head-first onto the barricade. Braun runs at Sami, who ducks the attack and lets the big man hit the ring post. Zayn shoves Braun into the post again. Sami then leaps through the ring ropes for a swinging DDT but Strowman punched him in the air, ringing his bell. Sami manages to get to his feet before 10.

Strowman is in control now as he clobbers Sami around the ring. Strowman hits several clotheslines and waits each time until Zayn gets back up.

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We return to see Braun throwing Sami Zayn into the announcers table up by the stage. Strowman clubs Sami in the chest repeatedly, then asks him if he hasn’t learned his lesson. Zayn stumbles backstage and Braun follows.

Sami attacks Strowman with a lead pipe but the big man again throws Sami onto a collection of boxes. Strowman lifts an equipment box and throws it at Sami, who just dodges – that would have killed Zayn had it connected. Zayn jumps off of the boxes and onto Strowman. Sami attacks Braun with a chair, sending him back through the curtain towards the ramp.

Strowman tosses Sami onto the stage, then head-first into the LED screen. Strowman lifts Zayn onto his shoulders but Sami jumps off and attacks Braun with a chair again. Strowman backs-up to the edge of the stage and Sami kicks him. Zayn hits a running crossbody onto Strowman that sends both men off of the stage and through several tables. They both get up before 10.

Sami attacks Braun with the chair again but then Strowman snaps, grabs the chair and yanks it, causing Zayn to fly through the air onto the ramp. Strowman hits a running clothesline on Zayn, then a running powerslam onto the floor. Ouch! Zayn just gets up at 9 and Strowman knee’s him repeatedly.

Braun grabs Sami and clobbers him over and over. The referee counts and Zayn is motionless. Braun breaks the count, lifts Sami and hits another running powerslam. The referee counts to 10.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Mick Foley comes out after the match, along with paramedics and a gurney. Strowman walks off, happy with himself. Then, as Zayn is being stretchered away, Strowman runs and flips the gurney. He lifts Zayn up and throws him into the barricade.

We get a look back at the Gentleman’s Duel from 205 Live. Jack Gallagher is backstage with The New Day. Jack is teaching them how to duel with umbrella’s, they start grinding with the umbrella’s and Gallagher walks off. The New Day are coming with some New Year’s resolution’s.

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The New Day come to the ring and say that 2016 was a pretty great year for them, they became the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions. They announce that they are officially in the Royal Rumble match. Kofi is about the say what their resolutions are when they get interrupted by Titus O’Neil, who mocks their entrance.

Titus says if The New Day are to achieve all of their goals this year, they need a fourth member. He uses some of their catchphrases and pleads his case. Titus dances for them, and says he can play Francesca II but Xavier says nobody touches her except for him. Titus says that’s fine and pulls out a whistle. O’Neil plays the whistle and twerks – he’s starting to win the crowd over.

Titus says imagine his face on the box of Booty-O’s. Woods says everyone around the world would rather see his face on the back of a milk carton. He says no-one in their right mind would want to wake-up and look at that face. O’Neil gets mad and says those are some big words from the weakest link in The New Day. Woods steps forward and says he can prove how “weak” he is. Titus suckers Xavier, then rolls out of the ring and calls for a referee to come down.

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Titus O’Neil Vs. Xavier Woods

Xavier slides through Titus’ legs and hits an uppercut. Woods runs off of the ropes and into a big kick from Titus.

O’Neil slams Woods in the corner, then clubs him before landing a bodyslam. Titus grounds Woods with a sleeper. Eventually Xavier fights back and jumps into Titus, then unleashes a few kicks. O’Neil tosses Woods over the top rope but he lands on the apron and hits an Enziguiri. Woods ducks Titus, who flies to the outside. Woods then lands a flip over the top rope onto Titus.

Back inside the ring, Woods leaps for a crossbody but Titus catches him, lands a few gutbusters before throwing Woods off. Titus lifts Woods up but Xavier rolls down his back and pins Titus for the win!

Winner: Xavier Woods

Stephanie is backstage texting and Bayley walks in. Bayley says last week Stephanie expunged her win last week but how can she let Dana Brooke do what she wants. Stephanie says she doesn’t see much in Bayley, she’s ordinary, nothing special. She says Foley fought for Bayley because he thinks she can be the face of the divison but she doesn’t see it. Bayley says she might not look like what Stephanie thinks a Champion should be, or have a famous last name, but she believes in herself. Stephanie says she’s almost made her a believer, so if Bayley can win tonight she gets a title shot at the Royal Rumble. Her opponent? Nia Jax.

Cedric Alexander is backstage with Alicia Fox, and they walk into Noam Dar. Noam says he wants to apologise for getting off on the wrong foot with them, so he says sorry to Alicia, then calls her sweet cheeks. Cedric makes a move for him but Dar bolts.

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Cedric Alexander Vs. Drew Gulak

Alexander takes control early with a back handspring into a headscissor takedown. Gulak turns things around when he slams Cedric so his legs hit the ropes on the way down.

He gets a one count off a back drop, so he starts to work over Alexander’s arm with a modified black widow submission. Alexander tries to fight back with some right hands.

He hits some forearms and a spinning elbow to stagger Gulak, and he takes him own with a handspring kick. Fox pulls Nese off the apron when he tries to cause a distraction.

All of this ends up distracting Cedric anyway, which leads to Gulak rolling him up for the win.

Winner: Drew Gulak

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