WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 2 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – January 2 2017

Raw opens with Mick Foley, with much shorter hair and beard than usual, in the ring. He says one of his resolutions was to write the name of the city they are in so he doesn’t forget like he did the last time he was on TV. As he starts talking about the shark cage for Jericho, Kevin Owens and Y2J come out to interrupt.

Owens asks if Foley thinks it’s funny to stick his best friend in a shark cage and hang him in the air like a sexy pinata. Jericho emphasises the sexy. Jericho says what isn’t funny is Foley abusing his power but his hair is.

Owens says what isn’t funny is Foley giving Owens another title shot, since he’s already beaten him. Jericho says another example is Seth Rollins Pedigreeing him on top of a car in the parking lot, and Rollins gets no punishment. Jericho says Foley wants to throw him in the cage of Jericho and lock him in man. Owens says it’s a new year and they won’t stand for it.

Mick Foley agrees and says he wants to start the new year right as well. He says he’s heard a lot about the Kevin Owens show but he’s never seen it, so tonight will be the first ever edition of The Kevin Owens Show, which will feature Goldberg as the inaugural guest. Owens likes the idea but not the Goldberg part. He goes on to ask Foley why he thinks he can abuse his power but before Mick can ask, Stephanie McMahon comes out.

Stephanie says Foley has not abused his power, he can make the decisions that he has. Stephanie and Foley disagree about recent matches the other has made but Kevin Owens shouts that no-one cares, he and Jericho are national treasures. Stephanie says that tonight Roman Reigns will put his US Championship on the line against Jericho and if he gets counted out or disqualified, Reigns loses the title. Jericho asks if Rollins can also be banned from ringside. Foley says he’s tired of them both and they start arguing.

Stephanie shuts them up and says she’s sick of all of this, especially the fact that SmackDown Live, for the first time, beat Raw in the ratings. She says Raw is the flagship show. She books a match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, and the loser is banned from ringside for Jericho V Reigns. Stephanie tells Kevin to get ready because his match is up next!

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We’re back and Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth Rollins Vs. Kevin Owens

They starts by exchanging some punches. Owens rolls out of the ring, but Rollins leaps over the top rope to take him out.

Owens rolls back in and out the other side of the ring, so Rollins hits another leap attack out of the ring. KO takes control and throws Rollins into the barricade.

They trade more shots back and forth for a while. KO talks a lot of trash as he stomps Rollins into the mat. Rollins starts to fight back and we head to commercial.

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We return to see Owens back in control after hitting a DDT during the break. Rollins hits a few rights to the head, but he ends up getting back dropped right out of the ring. Owens tries to hit a cannonball against the barricade, but Seth moves out of the way and Owens lands right on his head. They both make it back into the ring to beat the count.

They start trading strikes in the center of the ring. Rollins avoids the Popup Powerbomb and nails an enziguiri. The Architect builds momentum as he hits a sling blade to take the champ down.

Owens is sent over the top rope and hit with a suicide dive. Rollins keeps up the pressure, sending KO into the timekeeper’s area. Owens grabs the ring bell and hits Rollins with it, getting himself disqualified.

Winner by Disqualification: Seth Rollins

After the match Owens tries to hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Rollins but Seth reverses and tries to hit a Pedigree, but Owens rolls from the ring. Kevin Owens is banned from ringside when Jericho faces Roman Reigns tonight, however Reigns loses the title if he gets disqualified, so Rollins can’t be caught helping his friend.

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Cesaro makes his way to the ring as we return and Sheamus is on commentary for this one.

Cesaro Vs. Karl Anderson

They lock up and Cesaro puts Anderson in a headlock before knocking him down with a running shoulder. Anderson hits a hard back elbow to knock Cesaro off his feet.

Cesaro counters a monkey flip to land on his feet. He smashes Anderson with a European uppercut. They trade offense until Cesaro hits the delayed gutwrench suplex for a 1-count.

Thanks to some help from Gallows, Anderson takes control as we head to a break.

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When we return, we see Cesaro countering a suplex and powering Anderson up into the air with no point of leverage. Anderson hits a kick in the corner for a close 2-count. He follows up with a clothesline for another near-fall. He then grounds Cesaro with a headlock.

Cesaro hit a beautiful cross body from the top rope, but only gets a 2-count. Gallows distracts Cesaro again, so Sheamus heads down to keep him from getting involved. Anderson gets taken down by a springboard uppercut, but he manages to kick out at two. Cesaro hits a dropkick while Anderson is on the top rope, showing off his impressive agility.

Sheamus pulls Gallows off the apron, which inadvertently causes Cesaro to fall onto the top rope. Anderson hits a neckbreaker to get the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

We get a special look at Braun Strowman and his rivalry with Sami Zayn. Braun is on his way to the ring and this match is up next!

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