WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 20 2016

WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 20 2016

We’re back with another edition of SmackDown Live and the last before Christmas! Welcome everybody, hope you’re having a nice holiday season, but one man who isn’t having a nice Winter so far is Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose pinned Luke Harper last week, eliminating the big guy from the Fatal 4-Way to determine a new number one contender. Ambrose went on to lose that match to Dolph Ziggler but he won the ire of Bray Wyatt and clan. Bray, Harper, and Orton, were not happy about the lost opportunity of taking AJ Styles’ WWE World title away from him and have decided to take it out on the Lunatic Fringe. Tonight Ambrose faces Luke Harper, who will have Bray and Randy in his corner. Those aren’t great odds.

However, maybe Bray and Randy’s attention will be elsewhere. A Triple Threat match will take place tonight, between Konor, Tyler Breeze, and Heath Slater –  the winner earns his team a shot at Bray and Randy’s tag team titles. Of course last week Zack Ryder won a Battle Royale to earn a title shot for The Hype Bro’s, however Ryder ruptured his patella tendon in the match and is now on the sidelines, meaning we need new contenders. Somewhere in the distance you can almost hear American Alpha screaming in frustration.

Last week Alexa Bliss got injured in her Championship rematch with Becky Lynch….what you don’t believe her? Yes it seems that Alexa is playing the dirty heel and faking an injury so that she doesn’t have to face Becky. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the proverbial book but it still works. Will Alexa get away with it again this week? Or will Becky take the fight to her regardless? We’ll find out soon enough.

Elsewhere in the SmackDown Live land, Nikki Bella still doesn’t know if she was attacked by Carmella or Natalya, and hopefully she finds out soon or this story runs the risk of becoming dull…. Anywho, AJ Styles now has the looming threat of Dolph Ziggler on the horizon but he first has to get past James Ellsworth. The Championship match between these two is set to open the show tonight, so that’s pretty darn exciting. And that’s not the only Championship match we are set to witness: The Miz puts his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Apollo Crews. So tonight’s SmackDown seems like a pretty loaded show with lots to look forward to. Put on some PJ’s, pour yourself some hot chocolate, and wrap up in a blanket because SmackDown Live is about to ring in the start of Winter!