WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 19 2016

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 19 2016

Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw! We’re just about 24 hours removed from Roadblock: End of the Line and, well, it was a pretty divisive show at best. The tag team match, as well as the Iron Woman match, were the two best affairs of the night, and even the latter was not unanimously loved. Personally, I loved the intense bout between Charlotte and Sasha, although I would have preferred a different outcome and agree that Sasha tapping with 3 seconds left felt a little silly. Regardless, Roadblock felt like a fairly average show from the red brand but that’s in the rear-view now, and we’re about to set sail for the Royal Rumble!

Kevin Owens retained his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, once again due to his best friend, Chris Jericho. This time however, Jericho nailed Owens with the Codebreaker in order to retain the title via disqualification. Sure the two hugged and held hands after the match but now it feels like Jericho is playing the Champion. Jericho could have hit Roman with the Codebreaker and Owens would still have retained, however he chose to hit Owens. Y2J probably wants Owens to be the Champion so that he can battle him for the strap. We could be looking at a Triple Threat or Fatal-4 Way at the Royal Rumble, with Rollins and Reigns also, or, I reckon we could get a tag team match. Yep, based on the end of Roadblock, I see a tag team match at the Royal Rumble, which leaves Owens as Champion for either Jericho or the Rumble winner at WrestleMania. I see this as more likely because it doesn’t really make sense to put Reigns and Rollins against each other now that they’ve just started getting along again.

Now that Charlotte has truly defeated Sasha and emerged as the Women’s Champion for the fourth time. Charlotte is now still undefeated on PPV’s, making her 15-0, which seems like the story WWE want to focus on heading towards WrestleMania. Who is the special someone that gets to end Charlotte’s streak? Probably Bayley. Honestly, I love Bayley as much as the next fan, but Sasha and Charlotte have developed such an intense rivalry, akin to Austin and Rock, or Michaels and Hart, so anyone but Sasha breaking that streak feels wrong. Hopefully by the time WrestleMania rolls around WWE’s creative has proved me wrong and I’ll want Bayley to be the one. We should see a new challenger emerge tonight.

Elsewhere on tonight’s Raw, the new Tag Team Champions, Sheamus and Cesaro, are probably going to celebrate their huge victory, meanwhile The New Day will surely want a rematch for the titles. The bitterness between Rusev, Lana, Enzo, and Big Cass, is set to continue after the screwy finish last night. Sami Zayn was able to last the 10-minute time limit that he was given against Braun Strowman, meaning he can either move forward with momentum, or Braun will be out for revenge. That feud might be better as a one-off thing; Zayn proved himself and Strowman still looks monstrous, a rematch would just kill one of them. And lastly, Neville returned last night and maliciously attacked Rich Swann and TJ Perkins. Neville immediately set the cruiserweight division ablaze and looked reborn in doing so.

So there’s a lot to look out for on tonight’s Raw, as usual though Jericho and Owens are the main attraction. Also, now that we’re on the road to the Rumble, expect a lot of focus to shift towards the big match itself. Of course, Lesnar and Goldberg are going to be a part of the match, so they could feature on tonight’s show but don’t hold your breath. We’ll be providing all the Raw results as the night progresses, so be sure to stick with us, and remember to enjoy the show!