WWE Roadblock: End of the Line – December 2016 Results

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line – December 2016 Results

Welcome one and all to our coverage of tonight’s show. We’ve arrived at the final WWE Pay Per View of 2016, you might even say, we’ve reached the End of the Line! Crappy puns aside, tonight is the second Roadblock PPV – although last year’s took place just before WrestleMania and was more of a Network special than a PPV. Tonight’s show is a RAW-exclusive, which features some high profile matches that should help shape the road to WrestleMania 33.

The centrepiece of the Roadblock PPV is Kevin Owens Vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title. Although one could argue that the true centrepiece of the build-up has been the failing friendship of Jericho and Owens. Kevin Owens has disrespected Jericho one too many times and the man with the list has gotten sick of it. Owens cost Jericho a few matches, and a US Championship, leading to Jericho walking out and allowing Owens to be Speared on the latest RAW. Tonight Jericho faces Seth Rollins (in what I predict to be the show opener), and it will be interesting if Owens makes an appearance at ringside. Jericho could also make an appearance in the main event and cost Owens the Universal title, or, preferably, help Owens to win, then turn on him in order to set-up a title feud between the former BFF’s.

The co-main event of the night is the Iron Woman match for the Women’s Championship, between Charlotte and Sasha Banks. These two have been warring against each other, on-and-off, since January of 2016, making this one of the longest feuds in recent memory. While the Women’s Championship has played hot potato a few times, making the booking and writing a little head-scratching, the work in between the ropes has been stellar. Every single time. Be it one of their many singles matches, the Falls-Count-Anywhere match, or the first-ever women’s Hell In A Cell match, The Queen and The Boss have outdone themselves and proved they belong in the main event. Tonight should be the end of this rivalry, the capstone in the feud of the year, and a potential match of the year candidate. Expect big things.

One of the most compelling stories heading into Roadblock has been Sami Zayn’s relentless determination to score a match with the monster, Braun Strowman. Meanwhile, Mick Foley refused to give Zayn the match, stating that he wouldn’t be responsible for Zayn get himself killed. They went back and forth, with Zayn saying he would move to SmackDown if he didn’t get the match. Eventually, Foley agreed to trade Zayn…for Eva Marie. That was the worst insult Foley could give to Zayn, which set the underdog off on a furious tirade. Foley revealed that he had poked and prodded Zayn intentionally in order to get him fired-up. There was never a deal to trade Zayn; Foley always believed he was capable – he just needed to get angry enough to fight someone as destructive as Strowman. The showdown on tonight’s show has a 10-minute time limit, in which WWE can go many fascinating routes. If Zayn lasts 10 minutes, he will look every bit the hero that he did in NXT, if he gets squashed Strowman would look deadly, or Zayn could destroy Strowman with a weapon and flip the tables, maybe even turning heel. Kudos to WWE for turning this into a must-see match.

Elsewhere on the show, we’ll get to see Rusev take on Big Cass – who is hellbent on revenge for his friend Enzo Amore – The New Day put their historic Tag Title reign on the line against the ever-popular Cesaro and Sheamus, and Rich Swann defends his Cruiserweight Championship against former Champions, TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick. The Roadblock 2016 card is a pretty solid one, with three title matches and a ton of bad blood. This might just be the most intriguing RAW PPV since the brand split, and like I said, be crucial for the set-up to WrestleMania 33. The kick-off show begins at 7pm EST, where we will be starting our coverage with Big Cass V Rusev. Enjoy the show!