TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – Taped 8/14

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – Taped 8/14

Here are the full Impact Wrestling taping results from 8/14.

Bobby Lashley out

Lashley has apparently injured EC3 at the press conference and the BFG main event is rumoured to be in jeoprady (storyline). Lashley proclaims himself as the 2016 Wrestler of the Year and that nobody has been able to touch him when being a champion. Look at any other company there is nobody like or as good as him. Lashley challenges anyone in the back to come out and face him. Here comes….Grado. Lashley laughs and said is this a joke? Grado says he gets it and that he likes to make people laugh he wants this match to prove he isn’t a joke and he can hang with a hoss like Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley just beats the shit out of Grado and busts him open and asks is there anyone else…as Moose comes out and is super over and goes right for Lashley. Lashley bails when Moose starts to get the upper hand in the brawl.

Impact Grand Championship tournament time as Aron Rex defeats Trevor Lee by pinfall in Round 2.

Interesting note as they announced the point score at the end of each round during the 30 second rest period. Rex took Round 1

Here comes Maria Kanellis and a sad look Allie. Maria demands Allie walk infront of her and hold the ropes for her.

Maria once again runs down Allie, about how a little girl like her can think she can be a wrestler let alone Knockouts Champion. She says that tonight she will induct Gail into the TNA HOF, video package of Maria kicking Gail Kim’s ass over the past year. Gail comes out. As her HOF gift Maria gave Gail a picture of Maria with the belt, Allie says Gail is the best,her hero and wants to be as good as her one day and tries to give her a gift. Maria takes Allie’s gift and smashes it on the canvas. This brings Dixie out to announce something from Corgan. Dixie says that Billy and the board of directors have decided that Maria can no longer be leader of the knockouts due the fact she is champion and there is a conflict of interest, which Dixie says the way Maria “won it” is genuinely one of the most embarassing things she’s seen over the past few years and “that covers a lot of ground”, Gail will get her ceremony at BFG.

There will be a KO Gauntlet, winner will face Maria at BFG, gee I wonder who’ll win that.

More Grand Title stuff

Eddie Edwards defeated Shera in the third round by submission. Points score was Eddie took round one, Shera took round two before Eddie got the win in round three.

Decay all over the building, said Bram is gone because he would not join Decay, Maxel deserves a family that is not Broken also Decay apparently beat up Senor Benjamin quite horrificly but failed to find King Maxel. Matt says they don’t fear death, Nero says at BFG Decay will be rendered obsolete, Matt says at BFG they will have no ordinary match but “A Great War”, Decay agrees. So Decay want Maxel.

This sounds fantastic.

Basically the idea I think will be Decay commits terrible acts to the point Matt and Jeff become fixed again and snap them out of their Broken state.

Side notes: Decay make their entrances seperately through the crowd and unite when they get in the ring. Reby Sky now has dark hair.

Allie has been kicked out of the Lady Squad and replaced with Laurel Vanness (I presume Chelsea)

Gail Kim wins the Gauntlet, and will face Maria at BFG for the title in shocking news.

Bobby Lashley out again, says he sees Moose and that he is a fair and intelligent business man. He will NOT be fighting Moose tonight which gets boos. Lashley says he fights for big money, he is willing to fight Moose in the main event of BFG. Moose agrees on the big money aspect however he’s not going to wait so he brawls with him around the ring and presumedly rejects Lashley’s BFG offer. Bennett comes out for Moose but here comes EC3 with a chair as Bennett and Lashley bail.