TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – Taped 8/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – Taped 8/13

Here are complete results from Saturday night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings from Orlando, FL, courtesy of CretinHop138:

– Starting off with an “Ultimate X Gauntlet” for the vacated X Division title. Two wrestlers start and another one comes in 90 seconds there after. The match doesn’t officially start until all wrestlers are in the ring. Once all men have entered, the match begins and they can try grab the belt.

– DJ Z is the new X Division champion. Friend who’s there that this match was very much the X Division of old and an X Division chant broke out whilst they took the Ultimate X down. Lee and Everett grabbed the belt but they were trying to pull it out of each others hands, DJZ with the crossbody catches the belt and lands on the floor. They’re teasing a feud between Lee, Everett and DJ Z.

– It’ll be Bobby Lashley defends his title against Mike Bennett, Bennett’s out and says he completes his mission tonight to win the TNA World Title he calls out Moose to resolve the friction between them. Lashley out instead and he says that Moose is done with Bennett and wants to compete on his own, Bennett says Lashley is jealous of Moose because Moose is a legitimate threat to Lashley. Lashley is so confident tonight he makes the main event a No DQ match, Bennett then says he knows Moose didn’t go to dinner with Lashley (I presume this will be a pre recorded thing). Lashley then asks where is Moose and then claims he’s smartened Moose up and promised Moose a World Title match. Bennett says he says he’s not playing Lashley’s stupid little games. Lashley being a tweener here. Bennett leaves and says Moose will be on his side tonight and that Lashley will lose his title to him.

– Moose then comes out and says his actions have done the talking, and whoever got in his way, he’d lay them out. Moose claims he never met Lashley everywhere. Bennett nods like a wimp and says “we will win the title tonight” Moose just stares at him.

– EC3 vs Eli Drake next. EC3 over Eli Drake in a good match.

– They show Galloway brutally assaulting Aron Rex after the match at last night’s tapings

– Drew Galloway comes out in a black hoodie with the hood up, looks at the crowd with disgust on his way with the ring. This is tremendous stuff, Galloway on fire here. The fans chant loudly “Why Drew why!?” Drew says you don’t know what you have before it’s gone. He said he came to TNA to put a stop to intruders using TNA like they have done in the past, and that’s why he was the leader. When he won the title, he partied with the fans, but when he lost, the fans were too concerned with EC3 and Aron Rex. He said he shook Rex’s hands, but then looked at the fans and said the fans weren’t cheering for him, but the “bloody referee”. He blames the fans for what has happened to him and what he did to Rex. He says Rex is trying to be the next Drew Galloway, and Galloway will be his messiah and teach him a lesson. He promises he will put Rex in the hospital if he sees him again which gets thundereous boos from the crowd who chant Why Drew Why again.

Billy Corgan interrupts and says Galloway’s actions are not acceptable on a man he and his staff specifically went after, Tells Drew he has a case of Scottish Paranoia. He says he considered suspending Galloway without pay, but he was talked out of it by “a little bird.” Galloway claims Corgan is a sellout businessman, and that he is the president and went from the leader to being Dixie’s b*tch to the fact he now has her job. Aron Rex comes out says he was the one who got in Corgan’s ear and that he called Billy not the other way round and that he wanted to come here, he says before he would have verbally torn you a new asshole, now he’ll physically do it. He runs to the ring and they brawl before security breaks it up .

– We have Balloons and champagne in the ring. Allie comes out to catchy theme music and looks shocked and happy. A surprisingly lively Impact Zone again chant Allie’s name. She’s a babyface here. Maria Kanellis declares herself the new TNA Knockouts Champion. Maria demands Allie to lay down and calls her a “doe eyed idiot” also said if she loves her job she’ll do it and if she didn’t she’ll get Sienna to beat up and fire Allie. Maria pins her and becomes the new champ. She makes Allie stand up, put the belt around her waist, and declare her the new champ. Allie is lookng upset while she does it. This gets a TON of heat. This will play off a lot better on TV than on paper, the crowd loathed Maria for this.

– Bobby Lashley retains his World Title after Moose walked out on Bennett, Lashley hits a spear and gets the duke.

– Bennet calls Moose into the ring after the match, and asks Moose who he thinks he is. He calls him a failed football player and he is nothing without him and the Atlanta Falcons suck. Moose lays him out with a Gamebreaker.

– This Impact is over. More was taped after this for the next show.

– Corgan thanks the fans of Orlando and he promises big things are coming, and he claims he loves Orlando and Orlando will be TNA’s home for years to come and that they’re hopefully going to give the IZ a little makeover as well he also hints the TNA name change could be happening soon. Now they are going to start shooting some more TV.

Corgan announces that the King of the Mountain championship has been retired as it represented old TNA and the past and that he wants to take this company forward, there has been a new belt made and it will be called the “Impact Grand Championship” and it will be a championship that represents the “sweet science” of professional wrestling. Galloway’s music hits and he storms out. Corgan shows the belt to the crowd and its a nice looking belt influenced by the 6 sided ring.

Galloway wants a title shot, but Corgan claims this title brings rules and a new pace. He says 8 men will compete in a single elimination, under “new standard impact rules”. 3 time limited rounds will take place during these matches, where judges backstage will decide the winner if it goes the whole time limit. The new champ will be crowned at BFG.

Aron Rex interupts Galloway and he tells him he will beat him up basically in more intelligent terms. Corgan stops them both they’re not going to ruin this and tells Galloway he will have the first match in the tournament. The judges are out sitting around ringside in chairs and I have no idea who they are.

– Drew Galloway defeats Braxton Sutter in Round 3 by Tapout with the Iron Maiden. Surprisingly it worked pretty well. It all depends on how they book the finishes. This system gives a chance to make some wrestlers look better in losing as well. Spud returns and kicks Sutter in the balls and rams Sutter’s head into the exposed turnbuckle.

– Bennett comes out basically says he and his wife run things round here, says he fired Moose via Fed Ex. Dixie interrupts and announces to everyone that Moose has been signed by Billy Corgan and will face Mike Bennett at Bound for Glory, Dixie shakes Moose’s hand and leaves. Moose than coems down to the ring and attacks Bennett.

– Allie/Sienna vs Gail/Jade next…. Sienna is bullying Allie into starting the match, she’s too scared, so Sienna forces Allie to stand by the ring post (she’s pouting) as she’s not a wrestler, fans are chanting “We want Allie”. Allie tags herself in, gets on the top rope, screams “I CAN DO IT!” then hits a missile dropkick! ….accidently on Sienna. Jade delivers a package piledriver on Sienna for the win.

– Its official : Decay vs the Broken Hardyz for the tag titles at BFG.

– Jessie Godderz vs Eli Drake in the next Impact Grand Championship tournament match…next. Eli Drake defeated Jessie Godderz via pinfall with Blunt Force Trauma in Round 2 to advance.

– Xplosion/ONO stuff, end of show.