TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – August 18th, 2016

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers – August 18th, 2016

These are only partial spoilers for next week’s Impact Wrestling episode as more matches and segments will be taped on Friday night. Spoilers are courtesy of Jacob Cohen:

Eli Drake out, he’s mad he wasn’t on the live Impact last week, he says meanwhile TNA rolled out the red carpet for Aaron Rex. Shera out, tells Eli Drake to shut up and fight with him and busts out a “Dummy, yeah”

Eli Drake defeats Mahabali Shera

Moose defeats Eddie Edwards

James Storm out, asks Brian Hebner to come out, tells him he effed up last week or the time keeper did because he pinned Lashley. Billy Corgan out to settle Storm down, Billy says a ref’s decision is final. Storm says the people want a rematch, he wants a rematch, and if he doesn’t get one there may be a conspiracy against him in TNA. Billy says it’s about wins and losses, Storm lost, and maybe he can’t win the big one. Storm brings out a hammer and threatens Billy and to destroy the ring with a hammer. Security out, Storm says he stayed when AJ and Roode left because he believes in TNA and then attacked a security guard. Storm says if their paths ever cross again he would “Smash his Pumpkin”, Billy proceeds to suspend Storm indefinitely.