Stephanie McMahon Talks About Megan Miller on RAW, Her Match Against Brie Bella, More

This week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Stephanie McMahon, as seen above. Below are some highlights:

* They tout the WWE Network going global this week. Stephanie said it’s an incredible opportunity for her family and the WWE Universe. She said they can give the audience what they want and that is what’s best for business.

* Regarding her SummerSlam match against and ’s physical therapist , Stephanie says the legitimacy of Megan’s story is up to the authorities to decide. Stephanie said she thought needed to know what kind of a man her husband really is. Stephanie said it’s not for her to judge if Megan was telling the truth but Stephanie felt as a woman, she needed to let Brie know.

* Stephanie said it was ironic that Brie Bella was arrested but it was not a set up. Stephanie said she didn’t want to embarrass anyone but Brie needed to know what was going on.

* Cole brings up how she hasn’t been in the ring in 10 years. Stephanie says Brie is like a twig and she can throw her around the ring. Stephanie said the only thing she’s embarassed about is having to stoop to Brie’s level and get in the ring with her. Stephanie said she’s at the top of her game no matter what she does and Brie will be sorry she ever issued the challenge.

* Cole asks what will happen if Brie stands over Stephanie and chants “yes!” at SummerSlam. Stephanie said she doesn’t waste her time on thoughts that won’t happen because she’s too busy for that. Stephanie says she wasn’t expecting the on RAW and it won’t happen again.

* She talks about how Daniel Bryan couldn’t handle the success after beating Triple H. She said she doesn’t want to have to beat Brie at SummerSlam and embarrass her but that’s exactly what she’s going to do.