Jim Ross Q&A: Punk vs. Cena, Booker T Not Wrestling, CM Punk & More

Jim Ross Q&A: Punk vs. Cena, Booker T Not Wrestling, CM Punk & More

Hall of Famer has updated his Q&A section once again at JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

Given that the two biggest full time stars on roster are John Cena & CM Punk it’s rather strange that they haven’t gone at it at . Any thoughts on this bout occuring at 30? I’d like to think that some day that match will occur at WrestleMania. Time will tell. Don’t see it this year though for some reason.

I know this a long shot but if they asked you would you call one last match at wm30 so your fans could see and hear you one last time. That isn’t a decision that is up to me. That’s 100% a WWE call.

If Austin’s career wasn’t cut short due to his neck injury, who would you have like to have seen him match up with, either past or present roster? Punk, Bryan, HHH, Orton, etc. Lots of likely candidates.

Any reason we don’t see Booker T wrestle anymore..insight? I don’t know but it’s likely a mutual decision or Book may have injury issues to address.

Do you know if WWE own the Memphis territory library and if not do you see them acquire it in the future? I don’t think so nor do I know who actually owns the Memphis Wrestling library as it has been in an unorganized state of flux for years.

What’s your opinion on CM Punk being face? Don’t you think that he’s better as a heel or as a tweener? Also, do you think that Paul Heyman’s tweet about Randy Orton is a teaser to a possible at WrestleMania 30? I’m not a big ‘tweener’ guy. Heyman knows how to play the fanbase. Obviously, Lesnar will be back soon as WM30 approaches but in what role, I don’t know.