Jim Ross Q&A: Cena Heel Turn, One Man Show DVD, Monday Night Wars

Jim Ross Q&A: Cena Heel Turn, One Man Show DVD, Monday Night Wars

WWE Hall of Famer has updated his Q&A section of JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

Plans to release a of his “” tour: No…not at this time. Perhaps some day. It’s been casually discussed.

Just listened to you on MLW podcast. Great interview. You spoke about using too many finishes or wrestlers doing multiple moves or working too fast. I’m just wondering how does this advice differ from an Undertaker Wrestlemania match where there are multiple false finishes? False finishes are one thing and I endorse them as wrestlers should always be trying to win but talents using established finishing moves as transition maneuvers, etc makes zero sense. If a match is too fast paced it often times becomes illogical and also doesn’t allow the fan to process all that they are seeing.

Was there a moment during The War where you all there in WWE knew you had it? No. Not that I recall. I don’t think that moment as you explained it exists at least for me.

After witnessing Monday’s Raw, is this the perfect time to make John Cena heel: I would not make Cena a wrestling villain.

How is the Royal Rumble draw actually determined? It’s creatively strategic. You can figure out the rest.