Ex-WWE & WCW Wrestler Takes Aim at Triple H

Ex-WWE & WCW Wrestler Takes Aim at Triple H

Former and WCW wrestler still harbors hatred toward Triple H, who was buried by the Chief Operating Officer years ago in ’s video release spotlighting the Four Horsemen. Triple H questioned Roma’s inclusion in the group in 1993, and dismissively referred to him as a “job guy from .” In a preview of his newly released shoot interview with RF Video, Roma takes aim at Triple H.

In response to Triple H’s remarks, Roma says, “If you didn’t take it in your a**, yeah you married the boss’s daughter, I get that. Something’s not right there, that I think we can all agree with. But at the end of the day, you’re not a great f****** worker. You’re not the Ultimate Warrior, jumping up on the ropes. You’re not Hulk f***** Hogan. You’ll never be as big as any of them, or Savage.

“You could write yourself into every WrestleMania, every year, every six months, you’re in another thing. But at the end of the f****** day, you are who you are.”

Roma made similar remarks during an interview in 2008, stating, “Helmsley, you suck, dude! You’re married to the boss’s daughter, who’s running the show. You’re gassed up and when you get off the gas, you shrivel and when you’re on the gas, you look like s***.”

Also in the preview (see below), Roma relays stories on Power and Glory, , The Rockers, Ric Flair and cheating drug tests.

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