Sunny Weighs in on Michael Hayes’ Suspension

Sunny Weighs in on Michael Hayes’ Suspension

Former Diva Sunny appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show on Thursday, where she discussed the start of her career in the professional wrestling industry, , Paul Heyman swindling her, her upcoming autobiography, and more.

Earlier this week, former WWE creative writer revealed on the MLW Radio podcast that senior producer was unofficially suspended by WWE for being spotted consuming alcoholic beverages with Rosa Mendes shortly after the Diva performer returned to work following her completion of a rehabilitation program for issues with substance abuse—Mendes returned to the road in August after being sent home in April from a European tour for what was cited by WWE to multiple wrestling news outlets as “personal reasons.” Yesterday, WWE appeared to confirm the report by issuing the following statement to wrestling news outlets: “Michael is taking a leave of absence for personal reasons.”

Sytch, who too addressed her longstanding issues with substance abuse in the past year through rehab, weighed in on the situation with the following: “I think he is way out of line. As a recovering alcoholic myself, the last thing you want is for somebody to offer you drinks when you are trying to stay sober. If he did that then shame on him.”

Baurer said of Hayes in his podcast, “Because of this lapse in judgment, he was told he’d be basically suspended from school for a few weeks. He’s not going anywhere; he’s still in the company. He’s still very much involved, so it’s not the end of Michael Hayes.”

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