Stephanie McMahon & HHH Tout the Benefits of Milk

Stephanie McMahon & HHH Tout the Benefits of Milk

As noted earlier, had formed a tag team with MilkPEP—the same organization that presented the highly influential “Got Milk?” advertisements—to launch a brand-new campaign called . The partnership was launched in August at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, , where MilkPEP introduced alongside Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Following the release of the official advertisement, the official YouTube account of the Protein Fight Club has issued a batch of videos of both WWE executives promoting the benefits of milk.

In this video message embedded below, Stephanie explains how milk helps get her day started.

Triple H also touts milk’s benefits in the video embedded below.

Touting the benefits of milk, McMahon explained to at the August promotional event, “WWE partnering with milk is an incredible opportunity to spread the message about good nutrition and healthy living for kids. It’s an important message for working parents. It’s incredibly important to have milk as an easy way to ensure that our kids get all of the protein and nutrients they need to get them through the day.”

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