A Look at CM Punk’s Tattoos the Cover His Body

A Look at CM Punk’s Tattoos the Cover His Body

As many of you know, CM Punk’s body is covered in various tattoos. Here is a look at them:

* The logo for Cobra on his right shoulder and the clan markings of the Arashikage ninja clan on his right forearm, both from the G.I. Joe cartoon and comic series.

* A Pepsi logo on his left shoulder. He got the tattoo as a joke. Many fraternity members in his school were getting beer logos tattooed on their body, so Punk, a keen Pepsi drinker, got a Pepsi tattoo to emphasise his beliefs. The tattoo is also a reference to former guitarist , who had a Coca-Cola tattoo and explained this by saying “I like Coca-Cola”. When people inquire about Punk’s Pepsi tattoo, he often replies “I like Pepsi” in a similar fashion.

* Four ace cards, which is a part of his “Luck is for losers” piece. The front card is for his friend and trainer .

* A Japanese koi fish, a symbol of good luck and part of the “Luck is for losers” piece, however Punk’s koi fish has three eyes, in honor of Blinky the radioactive fish from The Simpsons.

* A spiders web with the number 13 in the center, which Punk considers his lucky number.

* A logo of New Jersey punk band Bouncing Souls. The logo consists of a broken heart, with an images of skyscrapers on the heart. There are also crossbones behind the heart.

* His knuckles spell out when placed together “DRUG FREE”, drug on the right knuckles and free on the left.

* A logo of San Diego punk Rock ‘N Roll band Rocket From The Crypt. The logo consists of a Rocket ship within a coffin shape.

* The words “Straight Edge” are spelled out on his stomach.

* A purple pez dispenser.

* Operation Ivy’s “Dancing Ska Man” on his leg.

* Rosie the Riveter with the words “There is a war” below her.