You Know You Are A Jobber When…..

You Know You Are A Jobber When…..

Here is a list of events that defines a jobber….

* You defeat another jobber, and says it is the biggest win of your career.

* is your tag partner.

* You cut a promo about not being used properly, and then Kane comes out and chokeslams you.

* You don’t get an entrance, but your opponent does.

* The company asks you to cut your hair.

* The company asks you to get a tan.

* The announcers are talking about something else instead of calling your match.

* You are booked in a handicapped match against The Big Show, Ryback or Kane.

* The “WWE Live Events” bar scrolls across the bottom of the screen during your match.

* trained you.

* Your only television time is in a battle royal.

* Your match gets interrupted in progress by a backstage segment.

* Instead of having a match, you play an extra for a skit at Wrestlemania.