Original Plans & Rare Information About WWE’s Evolution Group

Original Plans & Rare Information About WWE’s Evolution Group

* Evolution’s theme song, “Line in the Sand” was composed by ’s music composer, Jim Johnston, and performed by music group Motorhead. The group’s first song was an instrumental composed and performed by Johnston.

* Evolution is the only four-man stable in which every member was the World Heavyweight Champion at some point of their careers.

* Triple H said in an interview on IGN.com that the whole Evolution concept was to take two rising stars and turn them into the biggest stars that they could possibly be.

* The official Evolution videoclip features only three members of the stable – Triple H, and – on a helicopter and on their way to a private party in New York. Batista was recovering from a torn biceps at the time, though some speculated his absence from the video was a sign that he would soon leave the group.

* Maven was rumored to become a member of Evolution after Orton’s departure.

* At the 2004 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton was the only member who did not defend his title (the Intercontinental Championship). Instead, he participated at the Rumble itself.

* As of right now Ric Flair is the only member out or in Evolution that has not won the . Since that Championship is now on Smackdown! his mind is now focused on the WWE Championship unless the goes back on RAW or if he drafts to Smackdown!

* Every single former Evolution member has won a World Championship:

* Triple H has won the WWE, Undisputed and the World Heavyweight Championships. Ric Flair has won the WWE, WCW and the NWA Championships. Randy Orton and Batista have won the World Heavyweight Championship.

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