Wade Barrett Hopeful for New Theme, Bret Hart and HBK Appearance, Raw in Indy

Wade Barrett Hopeful for New Theme, Bret Hart and HBK Appearance, Raw in Indy

Hall of Famers and Shawn Michaels will participate in a autograph signing, meet and greet and Q&A on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at Dave & Busters in New York City. The Hall of Famers will discuss their past, their legendary matches and careers. Each guest will receive admission to the Q&A session, an autograph from each Superstar and a photo with both individuals. You can get more details at shawnandbret.com.

– WWE will return to Indianapolis, IN for a RAW taping on March 11, 2013. Tickets go on sale on December 22nd, the pre-sale code is .

– Jimmy Hart, Diamond Dallas Page, Mick Foley, John Morrison and newcomer Lorenzo “The Main Event” Antonucci will be taking photographs and signing autographs at The California Metalfest at The N.O.S. Event Center in San Bernardino, CA this Saturday, November 24th. You can get more information at cametalfest.com.

, who is a big fan of Welsh band Manic Street Preachers, recently told Digital Spy that he hopes the band will record a new theme song for him.

“They [Manic Street Preachers] did an interview last week where they were asked about my tattoo, ‘Have you heard of Wade Barrett from the WWE?’ and they said, ‘Yeah, we love his tattoo, we’d actually love to write his theme music’. So hopefully, fingers crossed, over the next weeks and months we can get something working on that,” Barrett said. “I’ve let the guys in the WWE in the musical department know about it and they’re going to get in touch with the Manics. So fingers crossed we’ll get some new theme music in soon.”

Source: WrestlingInc.com