What Led To Kelly Kelly’s WWE Release – Officials Reportedly Upset With Risque Photos

What Led To Kelly Kelly’s WWE Release – Officials Reportedly Upset With Risque Photos

As announced last Friday by , the sports-entertainment organization has come to terms on the release of , ending her six-year run with the company. The split had been predicted since she decided to take a hiatus in late May.

Those close to the matter thought it was likely her tenure was coming to an end after she was negative on signing a long-term contract extension and had requested time off. She was given time off under the believe that she would return full-time. However, those close to her say wasn’t sure about resuming a full-time schedule and was looking to pursue other endeavors.

Her situation was similar to many others talent who have left the company, particularly women, in the past two years. She was forced to reject numerous media offers, either because WWE didn’t want her involved or because WWE has made its product too kid-friendly that companies don’t want to associate with them. The matter is tied to women, because of those limitations.

Since Kelly had already earned her downside guarantee for the year and had no intention on returning full-time, there was no money left for her to earn by avoiding asking for her release. Plus, she wanted to pursue outside opportunities sooner rather than later.

During a advertisement campaign shoot last week for Let if Fly Energy, an energy drink line, she received a text message from Triple H. He informed her that by the terms of her contract, she needed to have a calendar that she planned to sell on her official site approved by WWE officials. She tweeted previews of some risque lingerie pictures for the calendar and the company demanded she take them down.

Kelly had also been dealing with neck issues from wrestling. WWE officials requested that see Dr. , head of medical. She preferred to be examined by her own doctor. With the accumulated injuries, she wanted to leave wrestling at the age of 25 rather than be physically broken down physically and too old to pursue outside entertainment endeavors years later. However, it is believed that she would have stayed with WWE if they let her make occasional appearances rather than not work full-time.

WWE didn’t perceive Kelly as reaching a level known as the “Mick Foley deal,” where they are under contract, work occasionally, and are free to pursue outside endeavors. WWE does not want create a precedent where talent has control over what they do, which is an issue affecting their relations with .

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter