Perry Saturn on Why He Hated Working For WCW, Memories of Paul Heyman

Perry Saturn on Why He Hated Working For WCW, Memories of Paul Heyman

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps talked with former World Tag Team Champion and current member of Extreme Rising to IYH Wrestling Radio. Here are some highlights.

What were his memories of in ECW?

“Paul E was really great at putting us all together. He would do everything half-assed, last-minute which would make us all nuts but when it was done it was a good show all the time…Paul E would get us fired up. Paul E’s a great motivator, and he would convince us how everyone in the world was against us and it was only him on our side…Paul E would get everything out of you just by talking to you. There’s been so many times when I’ve been so mad at Paul I’m gonna kill him the second I see him. Two minutes after I see him I’m laughing and hugging him and telling him I love him. It’s unbelievable how he is. Paul E really loves wrestling, no way around it…not the wrestling business, but wrestling.”

Where did he enjoy working more, ECW or ?

“ECW. WCW was like being in Hell; it was the worst place in the world. Nobody was happy there. Everybody hated their job; it was horrible there…Everybody was unhappy, from the top to the bottom, and when everybody’s unhappy it’s a miserable place to be. Everybody just bitched all day. WCW made you hate wrestling; it was horrible back there…There was no boss in charge, anybody could do whatever they wanted, everybody would bitch all the time, the top guys never made shows; everybody was unhappy…The only thing that was good about that place was the money; they paid you good money.”

Saturn also commented on when drugs started to affect his in-ring work, why he hated working with Public Enemy, who he believes is the toughest wrestler alive and who came up with his “Total Elimination” finisher, among other topics.

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