WWE Raw Ratings & Viewership News, John Cena “Revenge” Match

– The ratings are in for Monday’s 3-hour WWE and it’s not good news for WWE. Monday’s drew a 2.84 rating for the 3-hours and a 2.93 for the final two hours, ’s old timeslot. 2.84 is the lowest rating has done since expanding to 3-hours on a weekly basis last month.

The show averaged 4,134,000 viewers, also a new low for the 3-hour era. The first hour dipped below 4 million viewers (for the first time since RAW 1,000), with 3,795,000 viewers. Hour two had 4,252,000 viewers while hour three did 4,354,000.

– A local commerical that aired during RAW hyping the August 27 RAW from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is advertising John Cena vs in No Disqualification match. The ad (and the website) are hyping it as a “revenge” match. WWE Champion CM Punk had been previously scheduled for the main event.

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Sources: PWTorch.com, PWInsider.com