WWE Superstars Results – May 3rd, 2012

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Taped earlier in Dayton and Toledo, Ohio.

vs. . Ryan has much longer hair than the last time I saw him. Striker immediately began talking about how Ryan needs a manager.

Ryan manhandled Ziggler in the early going and threw him in and out of the ring. Ziggler fought back with a couple of kicks and went for a cover, but Ryan threw Ziggler off of him. Ziggler locked in a front face lock and transitioned it into a bridge. Good rest hold.

Ryan battled out, but Ziggler quickly wrestled Ryan back to the mat and into another rets hold. Ziggler did a handstand without letting go of the hold. Ryan battled to his feet again and he threw Ziggler off of him.

The finish came when Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag for the pinfall victory…

Dolph Ziggler defeated Mason Ryan in 5:00.

The announcers set up the same violin-laden recap of Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena that aired on Raw…

Michael McGillicutty vs. . The two men exchanged control in the early going. Ryder scored a dive to the outside, but on the way back in McGillicutty caught Ryder with a neckbreaker…

Back from the break, McGillicutty was firmly in control and he focused his attacks on Ryder’s neck and back. Ryder began to make his comeback and hit a jumping facebuster and the Broski Boot for a near fall.

Ryder went for the Rough Ryder, but McGillicutty threw Ryder into the top turnbuckle. McGillicutty didn’t maintain control for long, however, as Ryder was able to recoup and connect with the Rough Ryder for the pinfall victory…

Zack Ryder defeated Michael McGillicutty in 6:42.

The Raw Rebound focused on Brock Lesnar and Triple H’s confrontation complete with added bone-snapping soundtrack…

The Great Khali vs. . Khali took control almost instantly and hit a series of chops to Mahal’s chest. Khali clotheslined Mahal to the floor, but Mahal managed to hit a hotshot on the way back in the ring.

Mahal stomped Khali in to the mat and choked him on the ropes. Khali went for a running big boot and missed, getting caught up on the ropes. Mahal hit Khali with a series of knee drops. Mahal went to the second rope and flew right into a Khali chokehold.

Khali hit a chop, a big boot, and the Punjabi Plunge for the win…

The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal in 4:32.

The remainder of the show featured a video recap of John Laurinaitis, Lord Tensai, and Sakamoto’s show-closing attack on Raw.

Source: Prowrestling.net